Construction Projects Types

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Construction Projects Types

Construction is known to be an essential industry that enables a certain infrastructure to be assembled and completed. In order to conceptualize and build the structure, a construction project is necessary. Construction projects cover the end-to-end process including the necessary procedures like site preparation, mechanical work, electrical work, and foundation. These processes are needed in order to complete the entire project. Below are some of the different types of construction projects.
This is known to be the most popular type of construction project. Building is done when one desires to erect a structure from a vacant lot or have additional floor area in an existing structure.
Most of these projects include room additions and some minor renovations. Nowadays, building construction projects also consists of putting equipment and other utilities.

This may only be a small part of the industry but these projects are usually done in collaboration with big companies in the fields of medicine, manufacturing, petroleum and power generation.

As the name suggests, it involves construction of apartments, cottages, subdivisions, condominiums and of course your dream house. Designs for the housing projects are commonly done by engineers and architects and are put into reality by contractors and builders.As mandated by the law, this type of project must be aligned with the building rules and regulations.

Highway Construction
Every place enjoys its own set of roads and highways. This type of construction project makes getting from one place to another possible. This consists of repair, alteration or construction of streets, highways, roads, parking areas and the like.
Commercial and Institutional Construction

This is a construction project that deals with building clinics, hospitals, universities, malls, sports facilities, and other big establishments meant for the public. Specialty architects are often hired for this type of project. This involves less competitors because of the huge costs involved. These are high-profile, multi-million or billion dollar projects that usually take years to build. Aside from that, the sophistication and safety requirements of the structure needs a lot of pre-work design, evaluation, redesign, and thorough inspection.
Heavy Construction
Some might wonder what heavy construction projects are. These are projects that do not involve the usual building and roadwork projects.

As the name implies, it entails the use of heavy equipment that are typically utilized for major repairs and preventive measures. Examples of these include dredging projects, sewage treatment plants, sewer line projects, and flood control projects.

Specialized Industrial Construction
This is one of the projects that involve large scale activities and are more complex than those of the industrial and commercial projects. The output may be in the form of nuclear power plants, steel mills and chemical processing plants.

Construction is indeed a large and booming industry – there’s still an abundance of undeveloped land waiting to be modernized and turned into urban areas, and this is where the opportunity comes in if you are into the business. Just nore that in this industry, experience will be your best ally. Take on some small projects first before bidding on large-scale, multi-million dollar contracts. Eventually, clients will start pouring in as you build a name for your construction business.

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