Important Life Lessons Home Improvement Taught Us

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Can turn it over mix it into the first layer of soil it doesn’t look as pretty but the plants are gonna love it we’re putting in a curved garden bed which will soften the lines of the fence and create enough space in the corner to plant a tree because one thing this garden really needs is shape it helps to go up a simple frame out of Rio give the climber something.

To hang on to and it’ll hide the share a lick of paint on the planter boxes ties the garden in with the fence now that’s a good-looking garden or it will be once the plants are in look at this no more jumping on spades trying to break up clods of soil just beautiful free draining tub mix so the advantage of having raised garden beds you can plan into beautiful soil you’re not bending.

your knees or your back to get to your projects lots of people might.

look at this and think why would you put a little piece of grass into a courtyard like this well I reckon it just softens everything so much means you can take your shoes off lie on it and actually cools down the house as far as maintenance goes opposed wouldn’t bother with a mower let’s get a whipper snippet once a week just fly it over the top of it do the edges and you will have the best lawn in the street or beat a small one that’s us almost done just the final divine.

Events and some pretty you have to go and we can show it off to marina and Alan he plans a little bit of a dick does one set the front Adam the holy spirit a real Mike do you know you’re looking for a nice now that’s what I call a garden might go well to God Home improvement really it’s such a small area we’ve created a usable green space and there already so I’m glad that the renter’s also get a nice garden.

we’re just being selfish just having a nice area like this we’re also giving back to the renters and I think they’ll help when it comes to renting the house there’s value it so yeah definitely cheering when you got a big family you can choose between the two that’s right we have to choose really.

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